Monday, July 10, 2006

Pinechas 1

This week's parsha is the first time that Yocheved's name is mentioned in the chumash (26:59). One medrash says that she was born "bein ha-chomos" when Yaakov's family went down to Egypt, another says that she is identical to the midwife Shifra (although Yalkut Shim'oni Yehoshua 2:9 quoting Medrash Tadshei says otherwise), and this parsha is mochi'ach that the "bas Levi" who gave birth to Moshe was, indeed, Yocheved, but she is not mentioned explicitly by name until here. This is somewhat remniscent (only even more curious) of how Eliezer, Moshe's second son, is not mentioned by name until P' Yisro, even though he was the son whose circumcision delay nearly caused Moshe to be killed in P' Sh'mos.

Update, 2/19/08: No, this is wrong. She's actually mentioned in Shmos 6:20, when the pesukim are delineating the lineage of Moshe and Aharon. I don't think that I had a point, anyway.



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