Thursday, January 04, 2007

Vayechi 1 - Nimretzes

I was browsing through my old e-mails, and found this e-mail that I sent out this past summer to my chavrusa (who became engaged last night!), which "happens" to be inyana d'shab'sa. It was a follow-up to a sugya of aggad'ta that we covered in Shabbos.
I probably should have looked up nimretzes in my Melachim last night to see how the m'farshim teitch the word, but didn't think to. It occurred to me this morning that perhaps an understanding of the word can be obtained by comparing it to the libial cognates of the word ( i.e., BWMP). There's a decent chance that MRTz is related to BRTz, which is used in the Mishnah in Menachos to refer to that which overflows from a k'li shareis, and to PRTz, meaning breaking forth. Nimretzes probably means roughly what we thought it meant last night, but the way that the word arrives at its meaning is probably along the same lines that BRTz and PRTz are conjugated. The word Meretz, according to wikipedia's entry on the political party in Israel, means energy or vitality, which has a similar feel to it as the other words discussed in this entry.


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