Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rosh HaShanah 2 - Kavod Tzibbur

The Mishnah Berurah (585:2) states b'shem the Birkei Yosef (b'shem the Ridbaz), the Mateh Avraham, and the Derech HaChaim that the tzibbur need not stand up during the teki'os dimyushav said before Mussaf, even though the ba'al tekiah must stand due to an asmachta learned out from sefirah, due to kavod tzibbur, in cojunction with the fact that they'll be standing anyway for the teki'os dim'umad said during musaf (and it probably doesn't hurt that the whole concept of standing for teki'as shofar is only an asmachta, and not m'akeiv).

Are there any other cases where kavod tzibbur is invoked as a reason to be outright lenient on the tzibbur, as opposed to merely a reason to arrange otherwise neutral activities in such a way so as to be as efficient as possible (e.g., on Yom Kippur, the kohen gadol recites the section from P' Pinchas ba'al peh, so as not to burden the tzibbur while they roll from the previously read section in P' Emor - see Yoma 70a), or a reason not to add in too many mi-shebeirach tefillos?

Tangentially, is kavod tzibbur identical to tircha d'tzibbura?



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