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I will tentatively be giving a shiur on Tish'a B'Av night at the Hillel. I was originally thinking about reworking a shiur that I gave one Shabbos afternoon as an undergrad several years back on the narrative of Gedaliah in Yirmiyah, but am now leaning towards talking about the life and times of Yirmiyahu. In an attempt to organize myself, I reviewed the book of Yirmiyah, and will probably read through whatever midrashim I can get my hands on tonight. I probably won't post the shiur here, unless there are any especially interesting midrashim that I find, but here's a quick summary of the book of Yirmiyahu that I jotted down. It might not be so intelligible unless one has learned the sefer before.
The Life and Times of Jeremiah

Introduction: 13th year of Yoshiyahu, Yehoyakim until end of 11th year of Tzidkiyahu, galus
1) Call to prophecy – image of almond rod, boiling pot. Encouragement.
2) Kindness of youth – why rejection? Why reliance on Ashur and Egypt? Idolatry, murder of innocent.
3) Unfaithful wife. (v.6 – Yoshiyahu) Israel, Judah. Shuvu!
4) Return! Else, prepare for invasion.
5) Find one man. Susim m’zuyanim. I shall bring a nation upon you. Persecution of poor, false prophecy.
6) Prepare for attack. Shalom, shalom – v’ein shalom.
7) (Gate of BH”M) Impove your ways! Do not trust in heichal Hashem, etc. Rather, improve your ways! Steal, murder, oppress poor, idolatry, swear falsely. Shiloh. Do not pray for this nation. Tophet. V’hishbati kol sasson, etc.
8-9) Sin, punishment
10) Idolatry
11) (v.1) Punishment. (v.21) Punishment of Anasos.
12) Complaint of Jeremiah. Destruction, opportunity to return.
13) Linen belt
14) Re: droughts. Do not pray. False prophets
15) Even Moshe and Shmuel. Four kinds. B/c of Menashe. Complaint of Jeremiah.
16) Do not marry or bear children here. Do not go to house of mourning, house of feasting. Removal of joy of chasan, etc. Egypt and lands of north.
17) Iron pen, point of diamond. Trust in man/God. Personal prayer. (v. 19) Shabbos.
18) Potter’s house. (v. 18) Plots.
19) Bottle. Break bottle.
20) Pashchur ben Immeir hits Jeremiah, imprisons him. Prophecy to Pashchur, complaint.
21) Tzidkiyahu asks about Bavel – negative reply.
22) Prophecy to king – do justice, or else. Punishments to Shallum, Yehoyakim, Konyahu.
23) Against shepherds. Redemption – Tzemach tzaddik. Egypt, north. Against false prophets. Against use of word “masa”.
24) Vision of figs.
25) (4th year of Yehoyakim – 1st of NN) Repent! B/c not… Kosh Cheima to Israel, nations.
26) Beginning of Yehoyakim. Debate over killing Yirmiyahu. Achikam intervenes.
27) Beginning of Yehoyakim. Send bands and bars to Judah and neighbors – under Bavel. Vision against keilim.
28) Beginning of Tzidkiyahu. Prophecy of Chananya ben Azzur – break yoke. Yirmiyahu – Amen! Iron yoke. Death.
29) Letter to Bavel – build house, dirshu es sh’lom ha’ir. Return after 70 years. Prophecy to Achav ben Kolaya and Tzidkiya ben Ma’aseiah. To Shemaya haNechelami.
30) Record in book. Redemption.
31) Redemption. Rachel. Ephraim. New covenant.
32) 10th year of Tzidkiyahu – in prison. Chanam’el
33) 2nd vision in jail – redemption. Everlasting covenant with AIJ
34) Invasion. Prophecy to Tzidkiyahu. Slaves.
35) Yehoyakim. Reichavim.
36) 4th year of Yehoyakim. Scroll – Baruch reads in BHM. Second scroll.
37) Tzidkiyahu reigns. Sends to Yirmiyahu – pray for us – not in prison. Bavel leaves b/c of Egypt, but shall return. Arrested by Iriah ben Shelemya ben Chananya – accused of treason, imprisoned. Recalled by Tzidkiyahu. Complaint to Tzidkiyahu – transferred from dungeon to guardhouse.
38) Shephatya,, get permission to arrest Yirmiyahu, throw into pit of mud.
Saved by Eved Melech. Summoned by Tzidkiyahu**
39) Teivet, 9th year of Tzidkiyahu – siege. 9 Tammuz – breach in wall. Tzidkiyahu flees, but is captured. House burned, people taken captive. Poor left in land. Yirmiyahu given to Nevuzar’adan, given to Gedaliah. Prophecy to Eved Melech.
40) Nevuzaradan speaks to Yirmiyahu. Gedaliah. Warning of Yochanan.
41) Assassination by Yishmael. Massacre of Shechemites. Yishma’el defeated – people retreat to Gerut Kimham.
42) Advice from Yirmiyahu – prophecy. Stay in land.
43) Rejection of Yirmiyahu’s words – flee to Egypt – prophecy against Egypt.
44) Prophecy against Jews of Egypt – rejection of his words.
45) 4th year of Yehoyakim – prophecy to Baruch.
46) Against Egypt.
47) Against Phlishtim.
48) Against Moav.
49) Against Ammon, Edom, Damascus, Kedar/Chatzor, Elam.
50) Against Bavel.
51) Against Bavel. Throw prophecy of Bavel into Euphrates. Ad heina divrei Yirmiyahu.
52) Copied from Melachim II. Tzidkiyahu reigns. 10 Tevet, 9 Tammuz, capture of Tzidkiyahu, destruction of BHM, exile. Details of destruction of keilim. Execution of Seraya kohein gadol and other leaders.
Epilogue: 37th year of exile of Yehoyachin - Yehoyachin released from prison by Evil- Merodach, set above other captive kings, given daily food allotment.



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