Sunday, January 14, 2007

Giuliani for President!

Sorry, but Rudy Giuliani doesn't have a snowball's chance on the East Coast of winning the US Presidential election in 2008. He's a popular, affable guy and has the moderate politics that will be necessary to win the coming election in this rapidly polarizing nation, but I find it difficult to believe that voters in the rural part of the country between the two coasts will feel comfortable voting for a City Slicker as president (unless the Democratic party entirely loses their mind and nominates Hillary Clinton, who only has a chance of winning a national election if the Republicans nominate Sam Brownback (Newt Gingrich would be a toss-up)). My personal prediction is Bill Richardson over John McCain in a Clintonesque walk.

However, there's one other country that Giuliani could theoretically become president of: Israel.

The current holder of that office would have been long gone by now if the Knesset were able to accomplish anything. Giuliani is clearly one of the bigger Zionists in the world, as well as being an overall decent guy, who's well known for his battles against corruption in the financial world and against organized crime. The fact that he's a political outsider makes him a very attractive option, as people become more disillusioned with Israel's political parties (Exhibit A - the Gil party). The fact that he's not a resident doesn't matter, being that Albert Einstein at one time was offered the chance to become Israel's first president. Nor should the fact that he isn't Jewish be a major concern, as the hands-down best king of Israel during the 2nd Temple Era, Agrippa I (formally Marcus Julius Agrippa), wasn't Jewish either. Granted, Chazal say that Israel was doomed to destruction because they flattered the righteous but not-really-Jewish Agrippa by calling him their brother, but Israel is probably doomed to destruction anyway with its current leaders, so I don't know why these technicalities should bother us.

Call up your Knesset member today (sorry, forgot, non-representative parliamentary system...) and tell them that you want a change: Reuvy Yuliani for President!


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